All our profesional wealth managers are ready for:

Guiding customers all regualations of HOSE and HNX.

Advising and providing information of stocks, prices, transaction staristics and other value added services for customers’ transaction.

Customers can look up information, updated continuosity right on Asia leading online trading system called Mug Cafe.


Consulting viewpoint
Stock investment is not only based on trading techniques but also based on the premise that it is the thermometer of the economy and stock value. Market trends or stock values are not determined by the speculative
crowd, but are influenced by many other healthy factors. Specifically, businesses with good business strategies, good risk management, sound financial structure, transparent management, and top priorities for the interests of shareholders... are the factors that will affect the stock prices in the long-term. In addition, stock investments also need to take into account the external factors that affect the operations of a business such as changes in the government’s fiscal policies or the effects coming from the fluctuations of the world economy. Therefore, the investment advice of us comes from a good macroeconomic background and is based on the basic values of the business. 
Discipline is
, discipline, risk reduction, then profit. The financial market itself contains a great risk, the financial products if made mistakes can become the goods of immediate value and very difficult to regain.

Stock investment consulting
Customers are consulted daily by our consultants on transactions, portfolios, market information, and information related to securities and the stock market.
Portfolio consulting
Experienced specialists will directly advise clients on the structure of the portfolio of existing clients, restructure in the direction of least cost and most effective. After the restructure, we
continues to advise clients on market trends and effective investment options.