Custody services


The Securities Services Function offers account opening and management, custodian services to support trading activities of clients. We work closely with Accounting, IT and Operations to ensure that NHSV is able to provide service availability, capacity, continuity and security to its clients.


The Securities Services Function is built on our ability to respond, adapt and adopt best industry practices and to ensure we have the best solutions to trading-related issues.

With NHSV, some of the benefits of our services include:

  • Fully and accurately managing the information of each shareholder.
  • Monitoring all shareholder stock transactions and exchange activities.
  • Analyzing capital turbulence at certain times.
  • Operating effectively and reducing management expenses.


Step 1: Client opens a securities trading account if not having an account yet.

Step 2: Please fill information in the securities depository form, together with shareholder book or certificate of securites ownership (share certificate), then give them to customer services staff.

Step 3: Customer services staff checks information in shareholder book or share certificate, compares this information with what issuance house had registered in Vietnam Securities Depository Center (VSD). If the information matches with each other, he/she will sign in the depository form and give back to client one copy. If the information does not match, he/she will request client to provide ID card and to sign in VSD’s Information amendment form. Then, he/she will give back to client 1 copy of depository form.

Step 4: Customer services will complete the documents and send to VSD.

Step 5: After receiving valid documents from VSD, customer services staff will record the corresponding increase in client’s securities in the system.

This securities amount is recorded by exact types of securities owned by client such as free transfer, limited transfer or pending for transaction.